One Platform To Manage Your
Restaurant Effectively

Restronet provides a complete restaurant customer feedback platform with customizable feedback forms, real-time reporting, in-depth analysis and instant alerts.

Why do you need feedback?

Digital feedback is a great way to hear the voice of each customer and get their feedback about your food, ambience, service, staff and more – all in real-time.

Collect Feedback over a Bot

If  you are looking to understand what your customers feel about your food, ambience, and service, turn to a chatbot today.

Chatbots can send automatic reminders to your customers to leave feedback. They will also help you obtain their permission to email them following their visit during the booking process. They provide an efficient method for taking reviews and gaining feedback from customers.


24/7 Availability

The chatbot can ​communicate with customers around the clock as well as facilitate many functions.

Reservation Booking

The bot can integrate into an existing booking system or a ​conversational reservation method can be used.

Send Promotions

Our chatbot can send promos to previous customers as well as find and share with new customers.

Loyalty Programs 

The bot can encourage and reward customer loyalty by offering incentives (coupon, discounts) for repeat business.

Menu Updates

The bot can inform customers about new items added to the menu items and/or when seasonal menus have changed.

Customer Reviews

The chatbot can capture, record, and analyze customer reviews as well as take various actions based on customer’s experience.

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