One Platform To Manage Your
Restaurant Effectively


Make sure your guests get what they ordered. On time, every time.

We know how busy it can get in the kitchen. KDS displays ticket times to keep track of turnaround, color-codes the orders to help staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go, and lets staff manage incoming orders more effectively.


Meal Coursing

Group items in a course together to be prepared and sent out at the same time.

Meal Pacing

Helps to know the cooking times of each item; it will alert the correct cooking station when that particular item needs to be prepared.

Cook Times

Manage cooking times and helps ensure that food is sent out at the optimum temperature and freshness.


Staff can double check recipes, preparation procedures, and even manage quality control.

Routing Capabilities

This feature sends each food item to the correct kitchen station.

Customizable sound notifications

In a noisy kitchen environment, the KDS will chime to announce each new order.

Ticket recall

Mark orders as completed with a single touch. Easily recall them as necessary.

Less paper, less mess

Say goodbye to kitchen printers and those chunky paper rolls. Save and go green.

Sleek design

Straight-forward user interface which requires zero training.

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